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everyone loves cupcakes
$3.50 ea. | $36.00 per dozen

Specialty Cupcakes

fillings / toppers
$40.00 per dozen                    

Mini Cupcakes

irresistible bite-sized treats
$18.00 dozen                            

Custom Cupcakes

fillings / toppers / designs / extra goodies
$38.00 & up per dozen


mmm… cookies                              
$14.00 per dozen (sml.) | $24.00 per dozen (lg.)


cupcake & cookie worlds collide

$18.00 per dozen

buttercream frostings

chocolatey chocolate

mmm… vanilla

carrot cuppy dream (min. 1 dozen)

cha cha spice

coconutty goodness

sweet lemonade

velvety red velvet

chocolately chocolate

dark chocolate

white chocolate


coconutty yum

sweet lemonade

salted caramel

peanut butter

cookies & cream

Specialty Cupcakes

cha cha churro

cha cha spice, vanilla buttercream, topped with a fresh cinnamon-y mini churro

cookies & cream dream

chocolatey chocolate, cookies & cream, baked with a cookie surprise and topped with a mini chocolate sandwich cookie

chocolate peanut butter lover

peanut butter cup-stuffed chocolatey chocolate, peanut butter buttercream, topped with another peanut butter cup  

hey, hey, it’s a PB & J!

jam-filled mmm… vanilla cake, peanut butter buttercream, topped with a dollop of jam

somewhere UNDER the rainbow

your choice of cake, topped with The Sweets Life sky blue vanilla buttercream & a sweet sour-y rainbow that’ll have you skipping along a yellow brick road


You Wanna Pita Me

wholesome whole wheat pita bread

$6.00 per dozen
I Loaves Bread

crusty-on-the-outside- soft-on-the-inside rustic bread loaf


varies by size

Crispy Baked Breadsticks

totally twisty breadsticks with or without charnushka (black onion seeds)

$5.00 per dozen