About Us

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NOTICE to our potential new Sweets Life Sweet Treaters:
The Sweets Life does NOT have a storefront (yet).
We are located in the heart of a home kitchen in a gated community in Huntington Beach.
Our sincere apologies for the confusion.

The Sweets Life is a by-order bakery & Cottage Food Operation based in Huntington Beach in sunny Orange County, California. The Sweets Life uses simple ingredients and fresh flavors to provide you the sweetest treats your mouth will meet. #madeinahomekitchen

For high volume orders, The Sweets Life operates out of a certified, Health Department approved, commercial kitchen space in both Huntington Beach and Redondo Beach.

About Liza

I began my Sweets Life journey in front of the oven and behind the apron over ten years ago because… well, I love sweets. I love cookies and pastries and all things sugar. (I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have a mouth full of sweet teeth! Luckily, I still have all of them.) Now, I could walk down the aisle of my local market and pick up a pre-packaged treat, but I love knowing – and pronouncing – all of the ingredients that go into my sweets. The only way to ensure that…? Bake ’em myself.

I didn’t descend from a lovely lineage of amazing bakers, but I am the daughter, sister, niece, and granddaughter of wonderfully talented women who showed me and the world I can do/bake anything out of love. And I love to spread love… So, after many, many years of family & friends pushing – ok, aggressively nudging – to take my cupcakes public, The Sweets Life became official in 2016.

I can’t cook chicken to save my life, but my cupcakes will change yours.