The Sweets Life Makes Its Public Debut!

Just five short months ago, I finally decided to turn my little home kitchen into a cupcake factory. With (a lot of) help from some very dear friends and loved ones, The Sweets Life made its first major public appearance this past Saturday at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach for a VIP Party to kick off the Pageant of The Masters 2016 season.

The business cards printed, cupcake stands stood, salted caramel caramel’d, hand-poured-candy-masks topped nearly 2,000 cupcakes (yes, TWO THOUSAND)… and BOOM! The Sweets Life found its way into the minds, mouths, and bellies to hundreds upon hundreds of art & wine lovers of Orange County.

It was quite an experience, to say to the least… and what a treat to see and hear the yummy reactions to my sweet little cakes. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures.


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